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String Instrument Sales in Bellingham, WA


Any music store can order a new instrument. Unfortunately, many of them stop there. At Quist Violins we begin by hand-selecting the best instruments from our exclusive suppliers’ inventories. We then professionally “set up” each instrument, which may include carving a new bridge and sound post, planing the fingerboard, shaping the nut, dressing the pegs, and installing a high-quality tailpiece and strings. All of these improvements take time and expertise.


Some may wonder why we go to such lengths. The answer is simple: while the quality of the instrument is critical, the playability and tone depend greatly upon the setup. If an instrument is not professionally prepared, it will be difficult to play – even in the hands of a seasoned musician. You can rest assured that at Quist Violins, your instrument’s unique setup has benefitted from our nearly 30 years of experience.


We invite you to explore our large selection of violin-family instruments, produced by workshops and master luthiers from all over the world.

Student Grade Outfits   (includes bow, case, shoulder rest or endpin stop & rosin)

We have exclusive regional contracts with a select number of high-quality workshops in Europe and Asia to provide our customers with the best in student grade instruments of all sizes. Our Quist Violins Import instruments are an exceptional value, featuring hand-carved solid wood construction, real ebony fittings, a Wittner Ultra tailpiece and upgraded strings.


     Violin Outfits from $300 to $1,150

     Viola Outfits from $400 to $1,250

     Cello Outfits from $950 to $2,250

Showroom Grade Instruments

Fractional Violins:

1/2  Ivan Dunoff Superior m. 402, Reghin, Romania 2016 / 2021      $1350


1/2  Strad Copy (prob. Neuner & Hornstainer), Mittenwald, Germany circa 1880      $1950


3/4  Marc Laberte Strad Copy, Mirecourt, Vosges, France      $950


3/4  French JTL Deposee Violin Labeled Gaspar DaSalo, Mirecourt, France circa 1900      $995


3/4  German circa 1890      $1250


3/4  "France" French Workshop circa 1920      $1500


3/4  French Mirecourt Strad Copy circa 1890      $1995

Full-Size Violins:

Amber Strings Novizio SU-521, China 2018 / 2019      $1150


@ Quist Violins Import, Guarneri Del Gesu 1735, Bulgaria 2003      $1150


Peter Kauffman 5 String Violin, Beijing / Los Angeles 2010      $1200


@ Wilhelm Duerer, Eisleben, Germany 1903      $1250


Lyon & Healy Import, Stradivari Germany c. 1950      $1250


Emil Lupac #2, Bulgaria 2012      $1250


Quist Violins Import Guarneri 1742 Copy, Beijing 2009      $1500


Quist Violins Import "Forza" Peter Guarneri Copy, North China 2017      $1500


Quist Violins Import "Forza" Pressenda Copy, North China 2017      $1500


Yang Kai Guarneri Copy from Aged European Woods, China 2014 / 2019      $1800


Sandro Luciano Lord Wilton 1742 Guarneri Copy, China / LA 2018      $1950


Sandro Luciano Henri Vieuxtemps 1741 Guarneri Copy, China / LA anno 2018      $1950


Tie Ling Gao No. 1803, Beijing, China 2018 (Signed by Luthier)      $1995


Andreas Eastman Limited Edition VL619 (European Tonewoods), Beijing, China 2019      $2150


Quist Violins Import "Forza" Pressenda Copy, North China 2017      $2400


John Juzek Stradivari Copy, Germany 1988      $2500


German Violin c. 1910, Unlabeled      $2500


Bin Li No. 135, Bench Made & Signed by Luthier, Beijing, China 2019      $2750


Quist Violins Import "Forza" 950E Strad, North China 2016 / 2020      $2995


Quist Violins Import "Forza" 950E Strad 1716, North China 2018      $2995


Snow JHS-Simona, Guarneri model, No. 206, Bejing 2011     $3300

@ Sofia Borislav Armeikov Grande, Romania 1994      $3500


Ming-Jiang Zhu Workshop, Guarneri Copy (European Tonewoods), Guangzhou, China 2014      $4850

Petko Stoinov Guarneri Copy, Kazanlak, Bulgaria 2000      $5995


Jacob Thoma (Viennese Luthier), Boston Mass. 1895      $8500


Pawel Migiel Guarneri Copy, Zakopane, Poland 2017      $8500


Tomasz J Kowalski Amati Copy, Nowy Targ, Poland 2017      $8995


12 1/4"  Ivan Dunoff 401, Reghin, Romania 2016      $1450

15"  Andreas Eastman 315 (European Tonewoods), Beijing, China 2018      $1500

15" John Juzek 211, Czech Republic 2022

15"  Eastman 30th Anniversary Viola, VA830 Strad, Beijing, China 2022     $2950


15 1/4"  Calin Wultur #6 Stradivari Model, Romania 2021      $2250


15 1/2"  David Nerad No. 7 Bellingham, WA, 1992      $2250


15 1/2"  Yang Kai Stradivari Copy (European Tonewoods), China 2017      $2250


15 1/2"  Dario Giovanni Tertis Copy (European Tonewoods), Beijing / LA 2017      $3,250


15 1/2"  Tomasz Kowalski Workshop, Zakopane, Poland 2021     $4995


15 3/4"  Paolo Lorenzo Gamba Model, Beijing / LA 2020      $1500

16"  Andreas Eastman Tertis VA200T, Beijing, China 2016 / 2019      $1500

16"  John Juzek, Germany 1988      $1800

16"  Calin Wultur #6, Reghin, Romania 2018      $2250

16"  John Juzek, Germany 1988      $2500

16"  Vitto Rossi, China / LA 2012      $2950

@ 16"  John Juzek Master Art Stradivari Copy, Prague, Czechoslovakia 1988      $3800


16 1/8" Jarek Koscielny Antique Stradivari Copy, Czestochowa, Poland 2019      $6200


16 1/4"  Tomasz J. Kowalski, Nowy Targ, Poland 2016      $10,500

16 1/2"  Paolo Lorenzo Gamba Model, Beijing / LA anno 2020      $1500

16 1/2"  Pietro Lombardi "Russian" Viola #502R, Beijing, China anno 2021   $2700

16 1/2"  Quist Violins Import "Cremonese" Viola, Beijing, China 2022     $4200

16 1/2"  Jonathon Li "Russian" Viola, 503R, Beijing, China anno 2020 / 2022     $4995

16 1/2"  Andrgej Swietlinski, Nowy Targ, Poland 2011 / 2019      $7500

17 1/8"  Alfred Waller, Minneapolis, Minn 1947      $4995


@ 17"  Ernst Heinrich Roth Stradivari 1724 Copy, Bubenreuth-Erlangen, Germany 1954      $5995


7/8 Peter Kauffman Cello Outfit, Beijing / LA 2010      $3950


Francesco Moretti, Amber Strings Workshop, China 2019      $3500


Quist Violins Import T-300, Beijing, China 2021      $3500

Eastman Jean-Pierre Lupot VC501, Beijing, China 2022     $4500


Tonareli m. 950, Beijing, China 2015      $4995


Camillo Callegari 1710 Strad Copy, China 2011      $5995


Calin Wultur Piatti #6 Cello, Romania 2021      $6995


@ Ray Bastien #25, Bellingham, WA 1989      $9950


Tomasz Kowalski Workshop, Nowy Targ Poland anno 2018      $13,000


@ Jan Szlachtowski Montagnana, Nowy Targ, Poland 2007      $13,500


@ Severin Schurger, Miami, Florida 1999      $15,000


@ John Asbjorn Osnes, Mantagnana model, Anchorage, Alaska 2009     $16,000

Wojciech Topa Workshop Strad Copy, Poland 2016      $17,000


Krystian Grzybacz Strad Copy, Powilk, Poland anno 2017      $19,500



1/2 Euro Basic Laminate Bass Outfit, Romania 2015      $3750


3/4 Jean-Pierre Lupot Gamba Bass, Eastman Workshop, Beijing, China 2018      $7500

@ Indicates Consignment

Several sizes of bows hanging on wall



Quist Violins carries a wide range of bows in all sizes from student to professional grade. Each bow is carefully hand selected for strength, flexibility and balance - even our entry level sticks! This focus ensures that we  provide the best possible value for our customers. 


Student Grade Fiberglass Bows (all sizes):      Violin:  $45 - $65     Viola:  $54 - $70     

                                                                            Cello:   $65 - $95     Bass:  $100 - $140

Student Grade Brazilwood Bows (all sizes):    Violin:  $75 - $275     Viola:  $85 - $300     

                                                                            Cello:   $95 - $300    Bass:  $195

Carbon Fiber Bows from JonPaul and Coda Bows:     Violin:  $145 - $1,500     Viola:  $160 - $1,600     

                                                                                          Cello:   $185 - $1,800     Bass:  $335 - $995

* Pernambuco Bows from China, Brazil, Germany and France:    Violin:  $250 - $3,000     Viola:  $350 - $2,500     

                                                                                                           Cello:   $550 - $3,500     Bass:  $495 - $1,350

* Contemporary Workshop Bows from Arcos Brasil, Eastman, Emile Dupree, GEWA, Jean-Paul, L'Archet Brasil, Marco Raposo, HR Wilhelm, W.E. Doerfler, and more


* Contemporary Bow Makers include P Buzatto, Carlesso, AR Carvalho, H Cirillo, Manoel Francisco, C Herculano, Juliano Oliveira, D Ottoni, G Soares,  Sousa, and more


* Old European Master Bows by Albert Nurnberger, Karl van der Meer, Pfretzschner, JTL Workshop, and more




A good, strong case is vital to keeping your investment safe. We recommend cordura fabric covered wood-shell suspension cases for violin and viola. If weight is an issue, fiberglass, polycarbonate and carbon fiber cases can be significantly lighter while retaining the strength necessary to protect your instrument. While we generally avoid foam-shell cases, we do stock a reasonably durable student grade case from Protec. All are weather resistant. 

Cello cases are available in heavily padded bags for the budget minded. Sufficiently protective to be used in our rental outfits, they also come with a handy backpack option. This is the only type of case we carry for basses. Fiberglass, polycarbonate and carbon fiber cases are fitted with wheels, provide excellent protection, and are preferred by cellists with better grade instruments. 

Quist Violins stocks cases from the following manufacturers:  Bobelock, Eastman, Embassy, Jakob Winter, Musilia, Protec, Tonareli, and West Coast. 

wooden Instrument accessories in wooden box



Quist Violins stocks everything you need to play! We've got it all - including most string brands, rosin, shoulder rests, chinrests and pads, tailpieces, fine tuners, endpins and stops, mutes, wolf eliminators, polishing cloths and polish, humidifiers, pitch pipes, tuning forks, electronic tuners and metronomes, instrument stands, music stands and more!  If you need new strings, bring your instrument for free installation, lubrication and bridge adjustment! 

Our Most Popular String Brands: 

Pirastro:  Tonica, Obligato, Evah Pirazzi, Gold Label, Bass Chromcor & Flat-Chromesteel

Thomastik:  Dominant, Vision and Spirocore          D'Addario:  Prelude, Helicore, Kaplan, Pro-Arte, Zyex

Larsen:  Medium & Soloist, Magnacore, Tzigane, Virtuoso, Il Cannone          Jargar:  Classic, Superior

Warchal:  Amber, Brilliant           Goldbrokat and Westminster E          Prim

Our Most Popular Rosins: 

AB  Violin & Cello     Cecilia     Carlson  Bass     D'Addario Block    Gustave Bernardel     Hill     Hidersine     Jade

Kaplan  ART, & Premium     Kolstein  Bass     Larsen     Larica  Gold I-V, Silver I-II, Copper I-III     Leatherwood Eco    Nyman  Bass     Path     Pirastro  Cello, Cellisto, Eudoxa, Gold, Gold Flex, Obligato, Evah Gold, Oliv/Evah     

Pierre Guillaume     Pop's  Bass     Wm Salchow

Our Most Popular Accessory Brands: 

Wolf, Kun, Everest, Viva La Musica, Artino, Acousta Grip, Bon Musica, Comford, Resonans, Wittner, Ingles, GEWA, Akusticus, New Harmony, Chin Chum, Gel Rest, Intelli, Korg, Strad Pad, Psarianos, Hidersol, Super Sensitive

Sheet Music



You will find a large selection of sheet music at Quist Violins for violin, viola, cello and bass covering standard classical repertoire for solo and accompanied instruments, technique and method books, and chamber music. We also feature one of the largest collections of fiddle music in the Northwest! 

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