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Our Rental Program


As string teachers, we understand the challenge of learning to play a new instrument and are uniquely qualified to guide you on your musical journey. The first critical step begins with the instrument you choose - and choosing quality is paramount to your success. 


Over the years, Quist Violins has built an extensive inventory of quality hand-selected student instruments in all sizes. Each outfit includes an instrument, bow, case, rosin, and shoulder rest or end pin stop - everything you need to start playing! Our rental program is teacher preferred and recommended; in fact, many local string teachers rent Quist instruments for their own children!


Wherever you are in your musical journey, we look forward to helping you realize your dream!


Our Rental Program Includes:

  • No Deposit     No Maintenance Fees     No Minimum Rental Period

  • 15% Family Discount on Additional Rentals

  • 15% Discount on School Year Rental Paid in Advance (8 month minimum)

  • Flexible Contract Allowing Free Rental Exchanges - No Exchange Fees

  • Optional Low-Cost Damage Insurance

  • Generous Purchase Option

Affordable Monthly Rates             


Violins & Violas:   $15 to $49           (Sale Price  $300 to $1500)       

Cellos:                   $35 to $75          (Sale Price  $950 to $2500)       


Purchase Option

Many of our customers find they would like to purchase their rental instrument. To help make this possible, we offer a generous purchase option which allows 100% of the rent to be applied toward half the purchase price. This discount may be applied to your rental or another instrument of similar value. If you wish to upgrade your instrument in the future, our 80% trade-in policy has you covered.


New to Playing?  No Worries!

Having taught beginning students for over 40 years, we understand the importance of getting a proper start. After discussing your needs and budget, your experience will begin with a professional fitting to determine your instrument size. This crucial step will allow you to play comfortably and learn proper technique. We then help you select an instrument by playing it for you, so you can hear what you will sound like after a little practice!

If you ever need help tuning or adjusting your instrument, feel free to stop by! We are happy to support you at every step of your new adventure, from selecting new strings and rosin to understanding how to integrate yourself into our amazing music community.

Why not Amazon or a General Music Store?

Our customers have often noticed a difference between our instruments and those purchased online or from a general music store. Why is that? Ultimately, it comes down to quality, selection and setup. 


At Quist Violins, each instrument and bow is hand-selected from our exclusive supplier inventories. The instrument is then upgraded and “set up” for optimal playability, including string and tailpiece upgrades and professional fitting of the bridge, sound post, pegs, nut and fingerboard to meet proper specifications. This extensive process ensures that your instrument will not hinder your progress, allowing you to focus solely on the joy of playing!

Sadly, we have seen dreams crushed by unplayable, internet or general music store “bargains” that tempt a new student with incredibly low prices. These prices are low for a reason! String teachers refer to these instruments as VSO's – Violin Shaped Objects. Our rental program is a comfortable and risk-free way to begin your musical journey with a genuine stringed instrument of quality! 

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